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If you’re a player in the Somewhere the Storm Clouds Gather (StSCG) campaign, feel free to add information to the wiki provided you keep things neat. The imps grumble when they have to pick up after a visitor.


See Places for the campaign.

While the Forgotten Realms wiki (see below in the World Notes section) will cover most stock world material, this section will cover custom-created locations.


See People for the campaign.

Again, the Forgotten Realms wiki contains much of the preset information on important people in the Realms. This page is for tracking custom-created people (PCs and NPCs) the party meets. This can include character sheets, notes, and anything of else of interest.

World Notes

Abeir-Toril is a huge world steeped in eons of history, with rich cultures and exotic lands. This page provides an insight on different aspects of the world, from the important to the mundane.

Link Description
Forgotten Realms Wiki Sages have already set down much of the lore of the Realms here.

Miscellaneous Reference Materials

D&D is a big game. Here are some tools to help with rules questions, story ideas, game resources, and so forth.

Link Description
Wizards of the Coast The official D&D company; this website provides links to all sorts of good stuff.
Cartographer’s Guild A great site for learning how to make maps.
Quick Handbook Reference Handy reference for often-used Handbook stuff.

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