Somewhere the Storm Clouds Gather is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the Forgotten Realms.

Within the vast lands of Faerûn a cold wind howls from dark and unsettled lands; a gigantic host of the evil and undead threatens to bring death in its wake. Rumors from uncertain sources claim a warlord known as the Reaver Mordant is gathering his forces to bring upon the world a devastation never before witnessed. To what end is not known; the hushed voices that bear these whispered tidings speak of many different reasons. Firelight tales in cities far from the horror speak of the smoking remnants of ash-choked villages, of rivers turned foul with blood, of terrifying beasts that do the bidding of their hidden master. One thing is certain: darkness threatens to engulf the land.

Yet there is hope. The great kingdoms and powerful independent cities of the central and western lands are raising levies of soldiers to fight the taint. As they train and prepare to face the Reaver’s hordes, small bands of those motivated by mercenary motives or love of home and country are taking a stand, seeking to do their part to stem the tide. It is a time of great peril, a time for heroes to emerge.

Reaver’s Moon is the first chapter of the overarching campaign, Somewhere the Storm Clouds Gather.

Somewhere the Storm Clouds Gather

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